who we are

Experience, Integrity, Leadership, Success

These are not just words but values we live by to ensure the success of our clients and our organization as a whole.

our story

History - Knowledge - Wisdom

Marc A. Rodriguez serves as the lead for the Office. He has been involved with policy and legislative issues for over twenty-five years. During this time, Mr. Rodriguez has represented various clients including private companies, associations, and local governmental entities


Marc A. Rodriguez and Erin Courreges have worked together for more than a decade serving clients before the Texas Legislature and various state agencies. The firm has served as both a lead firm and lobby team member.


Erin Courreges has over fifteen years of state legislative experience. She is proficient in client advocacy, legislative and agency monitoring, legislative drafting, client reports, issue development, in addition to other clients services.

Proven Track Record

The Offices of Marc A. Rodriguez have extensive government relations experience and a proven track record of working effectively on behalf of clients. We are available to provide a high degree of professional service. The Offices of Marc A. Rodriguez is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.